This Sunday is my sister Tresa’s birthday. She is the only girl amongst three brothers. She also is the mother of four sons and no daughters.

In case you were wondering, she undoubtedly has already earned some special rewards in Heaven.

Growing up, she was the closest sibling in age to me and together, we enjoyed plenty of great times together.

She willingly played sports including tennis, football, and basketball. She has always been up for an adventure, however, she has also always been thoughtful, caring and kind.

I’m sure I had a few moments to be proud of as her younger brother, however, there is one memory that sticks out where I was a “you know what.”

I must have been in Jr. High when I had found an article about how to prank your sibling and decided to give it a try.

This particular prank suggested squirting shaving cream into a bowl, scooping it into a heaping spoonful and then kindly asking one’s victim if they would like to finish the last bit of it.

Surprisingly…and sadly…everything went exactly according to plan.

She took the spoonful of shaving cream and within an instant, knew she had been pranked. She had trusted that I was telling the truth about whip cream and quickly found out I was a bratty, mean, little brother.

Putting up with bratty people is not easy. Whether it’s a relative, old friend or someone at work, critical people can make life miserable.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to sharing a sermon from 1 Peter 3:13-17 entitled, “In defense of hope in a critical world.”

There were people in the first century who hated the followers of Jesus. As a result, they tried to harm, threaten and slander the Christians. As you can imagine, this hurt them deeply and caused much pain and suffering.

So, what did Peter tell the first century Christians to do?

Don’t fear and keep a good conscience by responding with gentleness and respect.

Pretty much what my sister has always done :).
There is much more to share on this topic on Sunday. In the meantime, have a great weekend and be nice…and…Happy Birthday to my incredible sister, Tresa.