In life, there are unforgettable moments. Most often they come without warning. This was the case for Minnesota Vikings fans on Sunday night.

The play was called, “Seven Heaven.”

The play clock only had 10 seconds left when the ball was snapped.

Although there were 22 men on the field, multiple coaches on the sidelines, thousands of fans in the stands and millions of viewers on TV, it all came down to two men, Case Keenum and Stephon Diggs.

This play for the ages would have been nearly impossible to dream up.

Keenum went back to pass while Diggs sprinted down the sideline…hoping to catch the ball and get out of bounds before time expired to somehow provide an opportunity for a field goal to win the game.

So, Keenum spotted Diggs and heaved it up. Stephon Diggs jumped up, made the catch and landed without a collision. I think anyone watching was surprised beyond belief when Diggs turned around and sprinted into the end zone to give the Minnesota Vikings the win as time expired.

The stadium came unleashed…it was mayhem. In fact, it took several minutes to clear the field so the game could officially end with the point-after attempt.

As a lifelong Vikings fan and transfer Chiefs fan, I have experienced how it feels to lose in the last few seconds and this time it felt pretty amazing to be on the winning side for once.

I loved that Stephon Diggs tweeted, “All glory to God.” In a postgame interview, Case Keenum shared this was probably going to go down as the third best moment of his life. The greatest moment was when he gave his life to Christ and the second was when he married his wife.

As I reflect on this most incredible game, I am reminded of how much I love to win.

And this brings me to an important question, Is there ever a reason to lose?

This SundayPastor James will be sharing a sermon from 1 Peter 3:1-7 about a part of our lives where it is better to lose (In case you’re wondering, it’s not Philadelphia :)). I know it’s going to be a Sunday you won’t want to miss.