Our Amazing Guide

Many of you know that we returned back to KC from a nearly two week trip to Brazil just a few days ago. It would be impossible to adequately communicate all that we experienced while in South America.

One thing is certain, without the Braga family as our guides, we would have been confused, lost and miserable. However, with their support, we enjoyed an amazing trip allowing us to build lifelong memories.

When we arrived a few hours earlier than expected they were at the airport to welcome us into their city and home. Immediately we shuttled over to the rental car facility and began the process of securing our transportation.

Have I mentioned that we speak English and people from Brazil speak Portuguese?

The language barrier was one of several hurdles we would face…everything from driving, to eating, to negotiating for souvenirs, to safety and security provided unique challenges.

In spite of the challenges, everywhere we went, we had a guide who cared for us and genuinely wanted us to have the best possible experience.

While in Brazil, we logged more than 1,200 kilometers. Many of them on the highway and many of them on busy roads and streets winding through the city with cars on all sides and motorcycles flying by only inches away from our side view mirrors.

While driving, it was all I could do to keep my guide within my sights. Cars would cut in with only a few feet of opening. I blew more red lights than I care to admit, just making sure I didn’t lose sight of our guide. It was a minor miracle to have returned two cars (our family is too big for one over there) with not even a scratch.

There was one experience at the end of our trip that was of particular interest. We were on the way back to the airport to return the rental cars and I was operating on only a few hours of sleep. We had already filled up with gas, but the guide car pulled ahead into the gas station. I commented to Leigh-Ann something like, “what is Felipe doing?” But in spite of my question pulled in next to a gas pump…and then I realized that I was following a different car.

I was in a foreign country, I didn’t speak the language and now I had driven away from my guide and was following the wrong car.

Lucky for us, we had actually passed Felipe and he noticed and was only a few cars behind, so when we drove up to the gas pump, he came shortly afterward with his window rolled down and a smile on his face.

It felt so good to get back on track following our trustworthy guide to the rental car return.
This Sunday, I am really looking forward to sharing a sermon from Matthew 28:18-20 and portions of 1 Thessalonians on the topic of a spiritual guide. The title is, “A vision for discipleship.”

Too often we attempt to navigate our faith alone, without a guide and as a result, we become confused, lost and miserable.

I am super excited to see everyone on Sunday, share some more stories and most importantly worship Jesus.