Seize the Moment

So far we are one day into our trip to Brazil. It’s already been full of surprises with the potential for some stress on the side.

Our visas were delivered yesterday around 9: 45 am …and we were planning to leave at 10:00 am. A close call, but looking back, the close call with the visas didn’t hold us up even a minute…no reason to stress there.

We got on the road to drive to St. Louis where we planned to park our van and rent a car to get us the rest of the way to Indianapolis for our departure.

Everything went great until we were about 60 miles from St. Louis and a belt on our van broke. Unfortunately, it was a belt a friend and I had replaced only a week ago. We limped into the closest auto repair shop and found that he would not be able to look at it. They referred us about 10 minutes down the road.

We piled back in and arrived at the second repair shop. The super nice guy who looked at it, then told us there was no way he had to tools necessary to fix it. So he referred us down the road thirty minutes to a larger repair shop.

They didn’t have the time to look at it until the middle of next week, however, we were able to leave the van there (saving the $$ we would have had to pay for parking :)), fetch an UBER and get to the rental car location.

We packed into a small SUV…seven people, and enough luggage for two weeks and took off down the road.
After a short night of sleep, we piled back in, dropped off the rental car, found our airline ticketing desk (the longest line in the airport of course), checked in, went through security and walked straight onto the plane.
Perfect timing!

Looking back, the kids have been rock stars. Seriously proud of them…they made the best of every situation from playing games on a dirty floor of an auto repair shop to waiting for me to pick them up with the rental, to cramming way too many kids into a back seat with luggage.

They continually teach me so much about life. Although they could have complained about missed expectations, they chose to enjoy the journey.  There has been something refreshingly simple about taking life one step at a time without getting bogged down in unrealistic expectations and assumptions.

This Sunday, I am very excited to say that Jason Parr will be preaching. He will be sharing from John 16:31-33 about overcoming the world. Seems like a great topic as we move into 2018. I have no doubt it’s going to be a great day. And no matter what…even if you break a belt or experience a disappointment, you can trust Jesus, He has overcome the world.