This morning I went in for a health screening…and ultimately it was a good experience. Several weeks ago, Leigh-Ann was telling me about someone near my age who had a heart attack and she gave me the regular wifely nudge to get a check-up.

Shortly after that conversation, I went downstairs, checked my email and received an advertisement for a complete health screening.

I immediately assumed Google was listening to our conversation and then followed up with the health screening email. I also entertained the idea that this wasn’t a coincidence and I should go in for the screening. So under deep conviction, I set my appointment and paid my fee, and then forgot about it until I was sent a reminder this week.

When I arrived, I was not impressed. Within seconds I learned they were short staffed and the others getting screened were significantly older and to be honest, I felt out of place.

The technicians performed five different tests which required me to take off my socks and shoes, roll up my sleeves and loosen my shirt to get tests on my legs, feet, chest, and neck. This didn’t help me feel any more comfortable.

In case you are wondering, everything checked out fine and they have promised to send a comprehensive report shortly. My experience improved so that by the end I was glad I made the decision to get tested.
The motivation behind driving fifteen minutes, waiting for a half hour, sitting in a room full of strangers (and in one case strange :)) and allowing people to perform tests on my body, was a desire to live a long and healthy life…and to get Leigh-Ann off my back :)).

This Sunday, Peter is going to challenge Christians to do something even more extreme than showing up for medical tests, He is going to tell us to submit.

Not because we have to…as Christians, we are free. Not because we want to…often authorities are unjust. Not because it comes natural…submission is a pain.

So, what is our motivation to submit?

Glad you asked…the short answer is that our motivation is for the Lord’s sake. However, if you come Sunday, I plan to share much more on this topic from 1 Peter 2:13-17.