The Church

The mission for New LifeCityChurch is to develop a community that inspires people to know and follow Jesus.


To begin, every part of our life and every place in our world has been contaminated by sin leaving us with tragic results. Nearly every day there is life and death violence, thieves are constantly looking for their next take. Fraud, cheating, and corruption can be found in every facet of society…government, business, and even religious organizations.

Every day in the news we hear about wars and rumors of wars.

Imagine what this world would be like if there was no military or police force. It would only get worse.

Insert Jesus.

The reason we are passionate for the world to know and follow Jesus is that He has offered mankind a different way.

Life with Jesus means that instead of taking advantage of those around us, we give generously to them. Instead of attempts to hurt and destroy others we love and serve them. Instead of searching for meaning we live out our God-given meaning.

So when followers of Jesus come together, it will be a group of people who think much different than culture.

This Sunday teaching elder James Cottier will deliver a sermon from 1 Peter 2:4-10. In these verses, we will learn that God’s church is built on Jesus alone. The good news is that when we come together as a community to know and follow Jesus, we will be different. Although the church on earth is still imperfect, we are much different than the world around us…especially without the tragic results.