Sweet Sixteen

This week, Leigh-Ann and I reached a new milestone in life…our oldest daughter turned 16.

It seems like just yesterday that we were at St. Mary’s hospital for her birth. It was certainly not easy…(I had to hold Leigh-Ann’s hand and make sure she had enough water J) but eventually, our first baby came out.

I have to say, Alexa has been a huge blessing. She loves Jesus, is a great older sibling, is incredibly talented and beautiful and smart. I may be a bit biased, but she really is a good kid…except for the time when she stood up to us in front of our guests at age three…or the time she threw a fit in JC Penney and I had to leave the cart and deal with her.

We have created memories on in the car, on vacations, on the soccer field, movie nights at home, spending time with friends and random other experiences.

As her parents, we are absolutely in her corner. When she gets a good grade or has a special opportunity, we feel her excitement. When she has a struggle, we want to take it for her. We are incredibly grateful for the woman God is helping her to become.

Although our life and relationship is not perfect, we love spending time together and dreaming about all that God has in store for her future.


Because we love her.

This Sunday, I will be sharing a sermon from 1 Peter 1:22-25 about a command to love one another deeply. Similar to the love we have for our own daughter, we are called to love our fellow believers deeply. I hope you can join us tomorrow at 10:45 am for some practical guidance on how to love.