Ian Forgot his Shoes

A few weeks ago, I came home for dinner and then drove our three boys to basketball practice. We were running a pretty tight schedule so I reminded the boys before we ate to get their socks and shoes on and fill up their water bottles so we could head right out the door after eating.

We enjoyed our meal together and then as we were headed downstairs I reminded the boys to get their shoes and water bottles.

We jumped in the car and headed out into traffic. After driving about ten minutes, I made a final call to the boys about their shoes and water bottles.

And that is when I found out that our youngest boy was barefoot.


I would say that over the course of thirty minutes prior to leaving, I reminded him at least five times to get his shoes on.

I know there is a water shortage in third world countries and there are issues with food scarcity. On a daily basis we still face violence and racism, but at the moment, all I could think of was that my kid forgot to put on his shoes….and not without multiple reminders.

I explained to my five-year-old that I was disappointed in his lack of responsibility…his disobedience…his lack of concern for his teammates…and probably a few other things. I may have even pulled out the “you are a Campbell” card….lol.

Threats were made…tears were shed. I told him, “fine, you can sit in the car while your brothers practice.”
Ultimately, I made him stay in the car for about 5 minutes, then I allowed him to go in and play barefoot. But since then, he hasn’t forgotten his shoes for basketball. He likes to try to scare me every week, while we are driving, he will say, “dad, I forgot my shoes.” And I’m tempted to believe him…but then once I’m sure he’s joking, we laugh…

This Sunday, Peter pulls out the “you are a Christian” card when he tells the scattered Christians to live holy and obedient lives.

I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Dave share more about this on Sunday from 1 Peter 1:13-21 in his sermon entitled, “Staying Faithful :: Being Different.”

I sure hope you can attend…however, if you are my kid, “no shoes, no service” :).