Enamel Paint

On Monday, we celebrated Labor Day with a work project—go figure. Of course, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, as an optimist, I was thinking it would take just a few hours and then we would go to the pool to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Boy was I wrong.

We are helping our girls redo the larger of their individual bedrooms so they can move in together. For the past few months, they have been selling furniture on Craig’s List and purchasing new things with the profits.
So far, so good….until Monday.

On Monday, we added a new feature to the project: Enamel Paint.

I will save you the details, but simply stated, after a day of inhaling toxic fumes, over spraying enamel and more clogs in the sprayer than I can count, we shut down the operation around 9pm.

There were a few times when I wanted to quit. For instance, the plastic covering the floor stuck to our feet and was useless; our hair, nose, face and pretty much our entire body was covered in enamel paint, the freshly painted cabinet doors fell down on to a dusty garage floor and we didn’t even come close to finishing the project.

There were multiple times during the day, when someone simply stated, “this is just not our day.” I kept telling myself, “it could be worse” and “this to will pass.”

In spite of our frustration, the entire family stayed in good spirits and the girls even used their money to buy us pizza.

After everyone had showered, we sat down at the table to eat and reflect on the project. We may have suffered through the day, but we still had much for which to be grateful including our family, home, and the prospect that someday that room will look amazing, just not now :).

As Christians, we can relate. We live in a world that promises pain, suffering, and hardship, but this is temporary. We are citizens of a different kingdom and as Christians; we look beyond the moment to eternity.

This Sunday, we will dig into our study of First Peter, look closely at the first two verses and we will focus on two words, “chosen exiles.” Ultimately, Peter is providing encouragement for Christians who were enduring persecution. Similar to our Labor Day saga, Peter makes the point that when our perspective is right, our perseverance is strong. There is so much more for us in this sermon series.