Camp Out

Twice a year I take our three boys on a camping trip with our New Life men. In the spring, we go on a float trip and in the fall, we go to a camp.

The boys absolutely love to get out in the woods and camp. They run until its dark then they put on a glow in the dark necklace or flashlight and run some more.

I’m not sure what it is about boys, but they seem to always look for sticks and then carry them around…probably not the safest scenario, but it’s what they do.

When it comes time to sleep we typically set up a tent, blow up our queen size air mattress, lay out the sleeping bags and end up piled together in a sweaty mass of humanity.

When we wake up in the morning, the boys feel fine and I feel like a truck ran over me.

By the time we head for home on Saturday afternoon, we are extremely tired out but we are exploding with great memories.

When we camp out, we become a part of a different world…most everything changes. Schedules, food and entertainment become less rigid and more random.

Camping out is fun for a while…for me it’s fun for one night…but some of you can handle it for a week or more. The truth is that camping is temporary and after a while no matter how rugged the camper, home sounds really good.

The reason that camping gets old is that we are not made to camp forever.

Similarly, we are not made to live in this world forever. This Sunday, Pastor Dave will begin our series in 1 Peter, “Exiles between two worlds” with a sermon entitled residing as aliens.

I believe you will find this series very applicable to your life. The world in which we live is not our ultimate home. As Christians, we reside on earth as temporary citizens, however, we are permanent citizens of another Kingdom. We constantly battle the tension between our temporary earthly kingdom and our future eternal Kingdom. 1 Peter will help us make wise decisions for our future.