Leigh-Ann is a very good cook and recently she made meatballs for dinner. Most of us thought they tasted great. There was one of our boys, however, that did not like them. He took an initial bite and within a few moments, made a sour face and a very bold statement, “I hate this.”

Well, if you know Leigh-Ann and me, you may guess that telling us that you hate dinner is not healthy…at all. And that is certainly not a way to negotiate out of eating what is on the table.

At first, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. We thought that maybe he had too many snacks before dinner and simply was not hungry. However, as Leigh-Ann and I began to raise the threat level, we could tell he had made up his mind that he flat out hated the meatballs.

Dinner time drama…

Not to be deterred, we made it clear that these meatballs were the only option, so if he didn’t finish them, he couldn’t attend soccer practice or eat anything else and he certainly wouldn’t get ice cream before bed.
Eventually, he ate parts of the meatballs and then spread the other parts out over the plate (potentially scraping a few off into the salivating mouth of our dog Zoe) so that our food boundaries were fulfilled for the evening.

He was able to go to practice and even have some snacks before bed, but not without shedding a few tears while forcing down bites of his meatballs. I would have to say that if Dallas is faced with eating those meatballs again, he would immediately look for ways to get out of it.

Hate is a strong emotion that is extremely difficult and at times impossible to overcome.
So I understand hating food or even certain activities, but what do we do if God hates something?

This Sunday, we will wrap up our sermon series, Wisdom for everyday life, with a sermon from Proverbs 6:16-19 entitled, “Things God hates.”

In case you are wondering, it will include a simple application, don’t do what God hates. Seems easy enough…however if you are interested in hearing more about what God hates and how to steer clear of these sins, you should join us for our service on Sunday at 10:45 am.

And now it’s time to head home for dinner….hmmm…I wonder what’s on the menu tonight :)…