Several weeks ago, on the drive home from New Hampshire, we decided to visit Niagara Falls. It was only about thirty minutes out of the way, so we put the destination into Google Maps and drove.

Since none of us (except for Leigh-Ann) had ever visited Niagara Falls, we weren’t sure about what to expect. We followed the signs and just as the sun was setting, we snagged a great parking spot and took off on foot.

Our first sight of the water revealed fast moving water, but the strength of the current was nothing compared to what we would see in a few minutes. The closer we walked, the more wet people appeared. Not just damp, but soaked to the skin. We continued walking for another half mile and then caught our first glimpse of the falls.

Words cannot adequately describe Niagara Falls!

The power of the water is mesmerizing…just thinking of it, is still impressive.

The water is relentless, flowing with rushing power and then hurling over the edge to create a natural wonder of the world.

Weeks later, as I reflect on the power of the water, I still have a sense of awe, respect, and fear.

TomorrowJames Cottier will bring a sermon from Proverbs 9:10 that makes the point that the key to living a good life is to fear the Lord. Solomon had the opportunity to experience some of the greatest acts of God and concluded that life is meaningful when we start by fearing the Lord.