That Four Letter Word

Swimming is something we love to do as a family…especially when it’s painfully hot outside.

Water is refreshing and can provide some awesome entertainment…especially when you play tag or keep away.

One thing about water is that it can change our perspective. We can go from feeling super hot and within an instant feel cool and refreshing. Sometimes when you look at an object in the water it can appear bent or shaped differently.

When you pull that object out of the water, it immediately straightens out.

Now, we know that the object wasn’t bent in the first place. It looked bent due to the bending of light rays as they move from the water to the air.

This Sunday I am excited for us to look at something else that may appear one way (painful and hard) but actually is different (redemptive and fulfilling).

For some of us “work” another four-letter word, however, the book of Proverbs has a different perspective.

For starters, it was created by God…even before sin.