You Matter

Last night, after getting the kids to bed (which is no small task), Leigh-Ann and I sat down to unwind. That beautiful feeling at the end of a long day when we each plop down into our favorite chairs to watch our favorite recorded show.

Leigh-Ann looked up and saw a brown blob resting on a ledge of trim near our ceiling.

What is that?”

I couldn’t even guess but knew for certain there would be no more rest until I found out. I grabbed a stool from the kitchen, placed it under the “blob” and carefully ascended. I am tall enough to touch the ceiling with my hands, but my eyes were about eighteen inches away.

My best guess from that vantage point was that the boys had thrown something up there and it stuck.

I slowly reached my hand up to take it down…and just as I could touch it…..


It was alive…and I jumped (almost off the stool) when that pesky moth flew away. I was not expecting it to be alive.

I am guessing that I scared the moth worse than it scared me. Which is pretty intense.  I can only imagine that poor little thing found its way into our house and decided to land in some out of the way place up near the ceiling. And then some large moving hand reached out and touched it…causing it to fly away and then Leigh-Ann got up and started dancing around waving her hands in attempted mothslaughter…

I would say that there are times in life when you and I feel insignificant like that moth. That what we are doing and the choices that we are making don’t really matter. And then we get surprised by something and it causes us to run for anonymity.

That is not how life is meant to be…God has made us for a purpose and our life matters. This Sunday, we will finish our study from the book of Romans. Paul is closing out his classic writing with some final thoughts to encourage us to take our lives seriously and trust in Jesus. If you have time, you can read ahead in Romans 16:17-27.