A Big Pancake

Earlier today,  I took our youngest with me to the Apple store. My phone was having problems. The Apple Store Genius told me that when a phone starts to run out of memory it starts acting crazy. He told me it’s like coming home from work on a nice day and opening your front door to see a house packed with boxes. And then squeezing by some of them to open the door to another room and that is also full of boxes. He said when that happens, the phone doesn’t know what to do so it starts throwing boxes around.

Makes sense…

So, while we were waiting for the Apply Store Genius to help give the phone a therapy session, Ian and I had to kill some time.

We stared at the big screen, found an Apple TV and then moved on to some other gadgets like a part of the table that moved up and down by motion sensors.

He could move his hand like a magician and a bar of outlets and USB Ports would appear. And then he would move it again and they would be hidden in the table.

After he performed his trick a few times, I leaned over and whispered, “how did you get so strong?”

He looked at me, and thought for a second and then said, “because I ate a big pancake this morning.”

There is no way I could have predicted his response…it was completely random and hilarious.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave, James and I are planning to tag team on the sermon about how to respond to the needs in our world with love and in turn point people to Jesus.

Similar to my story about Ian, it is nearly impossible for us to predict what someone is thinking. Which means we have to become great listeners…it also means we have to build relationships with people who are different from us.

I am really looking forward to Sunday…but first, we are gearing up for a great time this evening during First Fridays. If you have some time, come on down to New Life CityChurch.