Sports teach us a lot about life. Sports provide a platform for athletes to learn that life is bigger than winning and losing. Sports teach us the value of discipline and hard work and grit. Sports make us jump up and shout they can also make us want to cuss (notice I said, “want to” :)).

Last night after 111 straight wins, the UCONN women’s team lost. Cheers to Mississippi State and their hard work. Today, the men’s tournament will be whittled down to the final two teams standing. And no, I didn’t pick either of them…maybe next year.

Several weeks ago, in the spirit of March Madness, I started following the #lavarballsays saga…and it has been quite entertaining.

In case you have had more important things to worry about…Lavar Ball is the father of UCLA star basketball player Lonzo Ball and two High School Basketball stars, LiAngelo and LaMelo.

There is no question, he has some incredibly talented boys, however, he could be a bit biased about his own career and the future of his sons.

He has made the claim that he could have beat Michael Jordan 1v1. Pause for a moment and let that sink in……ok…..he has also made the claim that his son Lonzo is a better player than Steph Curry.

But it doesn’t stop there…he decided to go after LeBron James’ son and of course found some way to involve Charles Barkley.

Now, he could end up being right about a lot of those claims…I doubt it….but we shall see. No matter what, he has successfully found a way to get the attention of the media and many other people including myself.

It takes guts to make a big claim….it takes much more to fulfill a big claim.

This Sunday, we are going to talk about the biggest claim ever made. We will study from Luke 4:16-31 about a time when Jesus of Nazareth walked into the Synagogue, read from the prophet Isaiah about the coming Messiah and then told the crowd, “today, this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

A difference (and there are many) between LaVar and Jesus is that Jesus made the biggest claim in the history of ever…and then He fulfilled it ENTIRELY.


So what does this mean for a devoted follower of Jesus?

I hope to answer that question tomorrow :)!