Signed Jersey

A few weeks ago I went with a friend to a breakfast for pastors. The featured speaker was Jamal Charles, Running Back for the KC Chiefs.

Or should I say, former running back for the Chiefs?

The starting time was 6:45am. Since it was so early, I decided to wait until breakfast for coffee. Imagine trying to make enough coffee for more than 300 pastors? You would have thought that it was liquid gold. Pastors bunched in line, politely waiting for one thing…COFFEE! Don’t worry, there were no fights…everything stayed positive…but there is no doubt in my mind, there was plenty of people strategizing internally about how to get some coffee into their waiting cups.

Soon enough, breakfast was over and we were privileged to hear from some incredible people. And the testimony that Jamal Charles shared was simply amazing and inspiring. I am super bummed the Chiefs have released him.

Throughout the morning, there were several door prizes given away. In addition, there were awards for faithful pastors and ministry leaders.

Finally, the last speech had been given, the final question answered and there was one last door prize…a Jersey Signed by Jamal Charles. The name was pulled out of the hat and with my heart pumping, I heard the name, “Troy Campbell, New Life CityChurch” announced.


Not only was I fortunate enough to get a swig of coffee and hear some incredible speakers, I just won the Grand Prize for the day…a personalized, signed Jersey from one of the greatest Running backs in KC Chiefs history.

Someone famous, once said, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.” And for the most part, he was right. Some days can be great (liking winning a signed Jersey) while other days are not so great and possibly even tragic.

So how do we navigate through days that are great and days that are not so great? Where can we find direction when life becomes unexpected and unpredictable?

This Sunday, James Cottier will shed some light on those questions with a sermon from 2 Timothy 4:2 about why we are people of the Bible. There are many reasons to accept the Bible as our authority for life, but one thing for sure is that the Bible is a firm foundation for an insecure world. Whether we win the grand prize or experience tragedy, we have the confidence that God’s Word never changes. And that’s even better than winning the grand prize…and I should know :). Have a great weekend,