Friends Forever

A relationship is a connection between persons.

Some relationships are limited to social media interactions while other relationships are packed with investment of all sorts.

Last night at the dinner table, one of our kids was getting the bulk of attention (which is perfectly ok). However, after a while, one of the other kids made the observation that they felt ignored. So, we ignored the point that our child felt ignored. 🙂

After everyone pushed away from the table and began to disburse throughout the house, Leigh-Ann made the effort to connect with our child who felt ignored. She discovered that there were a few other events earlier in the day that contributed to our dinner table discussion.

Relationships are simply a connection between persons, but there is nothing simple about relationships.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave, James and I are really looking forward to sharing some concluding thoughts from Romans 14:1-15:13 regarding relationships within the church. Specifically, among fellow Christians, we will have different opinions on matters of preference and we must accept others without forcing them to see it our own way.

In addition to some shared sermon time, we are planning to spend time answering tough questions on the topic of relationships within a church.