Welcome Each Other

More than twenty years ago I was in college. Wow…I don’t feel that old, but based on the age of my kids and my receding hairline, there is no escaping reality. During that time, I was blessed with some incredible friends. Thursday, I was able to spend time with one of them.

Phil is really like a brother. We spent four years as college roommates and experienced everything from sports to social life to competition over almost anything to studying together…though we certainly could have improved on that :).

It had been several years since we have spent time together, so prior to our meeting up, we each experienced a growing anticipation.

As soon as I landed, I knew it was going to be a great time…it was 70 degrees and sunny….in Detroit.

The moment we saw each other, it was like nothing had even changed…I mean, I may have put on a few pounds and added a few wrinkles, but within seconds we were laughing and sharing memories.

There was the time we ran out of gas late at night and woke up a farmer to ask for help…and the Sunday morning we ended up in the ditch after a tight country corner…dorm room Christmas parties…highs and lows as youth leaders…meeting our future wives…a time capsule…Monday night football between the Packers and Vikings…I could go on…

Phil is a friend for life…there is no doubt that if either of us had a need, we would do whatever necessary to welcome the other.

This Sunday we will finish up our series from Romans 14-15:13 with a call for us to welcome our Christian brothers and sisters. We have been studying Paul’s admonition for strong and weak Christians, Jews and Gentiles to seek the good of the other. In spite of differences, we must prioritize our unity.

I look forward to sharing more from Romans 15:7-13 regarding our call to welcome each other even if we disagree. And before you conclude that our relationship has always been easy, I want you to know, I drank my coffee out of a Green Bay Packers mug this morning…and I’m pretty sure that was an example of seeking my friends good above my freedom…:).