Explosion at the Register

A few days ago, my parents came into town to watch my nephews compete in the State High School wrestling tournament. After a great day yesterday (2 wins) we came home for the evening. After dinner, we decided to run out to find a charger for my dad’s mobile phone.

We ended up at Family Dollar. We found the charger for $5 and went to check out. After talking with the cashier and sharing a few laughs together, the whole night changed.

Out of the blue, the young man behind the register looked at us and responded with the most derogatory cuss words you could imagine. This Family Dollar employee flipped out and went off on my dad and me. And we still have no idea what we did or said that made him so upset.

My dad and I looked at each other in disbelief. This turn was not only unexpected, it was downright unbelievable.

In fact, I have seen this cashier in there multiple times and have always enjoyed good conversation. The fact that he turned the conversation is still pretty hard for me to believe.

After a few attempts to figure out what happened….or what was said….or what went wrong…it became clear there was no reasoning with this guy. If I was attempting to count his cuss words, I would not have been able to keep up.

My dad and I still have no idea what made him so angry.

After a bit, a manager came out, sent him to the back room and apologized profusely for the employee’s behavior.

This Sunday, the sermon from Romans 15:1-6 could shed some light on similar issues. In Romans 15:1, Paul writes that “we who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” Certainly, the context is not about getting along with a cashier, but Paul is addressing personal preferences for Christians.

I must say that the situation at Family Dollar is a first for me…but it is certainly not the first time I’ve had a disagreement with someone. Disagreements, especially within a church are more common than I care to admit. I know I have plenty to address in my own life when it comes to getting along with others….and you probably do too :).