Super Bowl

In two days more than 100 million people will turn on the TV to watch the Super Bowl. This year the New England Patriots will play the Atlanta Falcons in Houston.

Tickets are starting at around $3,000 each. A thirty-second commercial will set you back about $5,000,000. Each member of the winning team will earn more than $100,000 bonus in addition to their $36,000 ring. The rest of us will watch commercials, eat food…( the National Chicken Council predicts that 1.23 billion chicken wings will be consumed)…and maybe even see some of the game.

Football is a sport that combines strategy, athleticism, and passion into a competition played out on a field where grown men lay it all out to move a properly inflated pigskin into the end zone of the opposing team.

The winning team gets the Vince Lombardi trophy and bragging rights for a full year when it comes to football.

I have no idea what that’s like…I must admit, my team from birth, the Minnesota Vikings may have a new stadium, but still no trophy.


I don’t know what it’s like to be a part of a football kingdom…the Chiefs ruined that in the beginning :). However, I do know what it’s like to be a part of the Kingdom of God. Two thousand years ago, the battle took place on a cross. In the midst of the mundane, Jesus battled sin to the death and won.

Each Sunday, Christians around the globe, gather together to celebrate the victory that towers far above every other championship in the history of the world combined.

Before you settle in for the big game, I hope you take some time to celebrate the greatest victory ever…the death and resurrection of Jesus.

At New Life, we’ve been studying from Romans fourteen and this Sunday, James Cottier will be sharing a sermon about the Kingdom of God. If you have ever had questions about the Kingdom of God…and the significance for you, I hope you will plan to attend.