Flag on the Play

This past Sunday night, at the last minute, I was invited to go to the Chiefs game with a friend. Leigh-Ann could be nominated for ‘wife of the year’ for dropping us off and picking us up after the game, saving us at least an hour and $60 in parking fees.

We made it just in time for kickoff. The first drive was great and then the Chiefs couldn’t seem to figure out their offense. The defense held strong and never gave up a touchdown.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs drove down the field and scored a touchdown bringing them within two points for the tie. They, of course, attempted a two-point conversion…and scored…and the crowd went wild. Strangers were giving high fives while Steelers fans went silent.

And then a little yellow flag appeared on the field…and that changed everything.

Eric Fisher was charged with a ten-yard holding penalty, the two point conversion was called back and the Chiefs failed to convert.

Game Over!

It’s tempting to blame the refs…or the quarterback…or the entire offensive unit…or the coach…

But honestly, I had nothing to do with the game and for me to blame someone is pretty ridiculous. I wasn’t playing, coaching or reffing…I wasn’t involved as a trainer or even a chaplain. Can you imagine if I went up to Eric Fisher and told him he lost the game as a result of his penalty?

I’m pretty sure, he would be like, “you have no right to tell me how to play football.” And he would be absolutely correct.

When a person without authority,  judges or condescends to another, it never ends well.

This Sunday, we continue our study of Romans 14. Paul is addressing Christians who were judging others over issues of personal preference. This was creating divisions among the believers. So Paul, calls for these Christians to pan out their vision and see the big picture.

There is so much more to say, so I really hope you can attend on Sunday. I promise you will leave with much more hope than the Chiefs fans did on Sunday :).