Winter Storm Warning

In case you haven’t heard, we are under a weather advisory. From what I have gathered the temp is hovering at freezing, there is some precipitation around the metro and the roads could be slick.

So, be careful!

I have a love/hate relationship with meteorologists. I check my weather app regularly, and it seems they are correct about half the time. They have radar, satellite, cameras and weather watchers on social media and still I doubt their accuracy. In their defense we are expecting them to predict the future. And to be honest, I know they are good at their job…I am simply a bit skeptical…especially when it comes to these weather advisories.

So, imagine what you would do if you saw a weather report that called for the birth of a Messiah?

And then, imagine if you researched it and as a result of your findings decided to up and leave your home to go in search of the Messiah…

Finally, imagine if after several weeks of travel, you arrived in an unknown city and found the Messiah…

This Sunday we will finish up our fourth week of Advent with a sermon from Pastor Dave on the Magi. He has shared some insider information with me regarding the sermon, and I must say that I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!