Tomatoes and Timing

A few days ago I received a phone call from our neighbor. He told me that he had been out for lunch at a restaurant in the West Bottoms and everything was great…except they didn’t have any tomatoes for their sandwiches. After asking management he found out that there is a shortage of tomatoes in KC.

Imagine that!

In fact, they had searched suppliers and grocers across the city for tomatoes and came up completely empty.

The only place they hadn’t looked is at the Campbell Urban Farm (i.e. a small garden in our backyard, downtown KC with more tomatoes still growing than we can handle). Since we had offered tomatoes to our neighbor, he called to ask if the kids would want to pick a box of tomatoes and then he would bring them to the restaurant the next day and sell them for us.

I told the kids and they were on it. Since it was dark when we arrived home, they pulled out the flashlights and went to work. I wouldn’t have guessed that ten pounds of tomatoes would earn $40…and we weren’t even trying. Plus we have the pride of knowing that we are putting smiles on people’s faces while they eat their sandwiches complete with tomatoes from our makeshift garden.

We stumbled upon some great timing for ripe tomatoes. Thanks to beautiful warm weather and procrastination, we have a full harvest of tomatoes long after many others are done growing.

When it comes to earning $4 a pound for homegrown tomatoes, timing is everything.

When it comes to getting serious about our Christian life, timing is also everything. This Sunday, Pastor Dave will share a sermon from Romans 13:11-14  entitled, “Wake up – The day has dawned.”

So much is at stake…I hope you can join us for service on Sunday at 10:45am.

Have a great weekend…and if you are fortunate enough to have a tomato on your sandwich, consider yourself fortunate :).