On Thursday, Leigh-Ann and I traveled out of town to officiate a wedding. While traveling through the extremely hectic airport in Atlanta, we found ourselves in a long line with several passengers. Each one had good reason to be frustrated and one by one shared their standby stories.

There was one passenger who was different than the average…she was empathetic to the airline employees and passengers. She already had experienced the disappointment of being left at the airport while a full flight took off…and her future was packed with more overbooked flights.

After the boarding door slammed shut, I overheard her helping a particularly frustrated fellow passenger while I took off for my flight at a different gate (Leigh Ann and I were booked on separate flights for this leg…long story).

I arrived at my departure gate, and was almost trampled by rude passengers while in line to board…and then I noticed this angel of a passenger holding the baby of a mom traveling alone.

Seriously impressive!

At a time when most people were grumbling about poor service and missed expectations, she was positive and super-upbeat…and helping out complete strangers.

I had noticed her Tar Heals jacket and on a whim Googled NC Tar Heels Women’s Basketball Coaching Staff and immediately recognized the angel passenger, Tracey Williams -Johnson.

While reading her impressive bio, I couldn’t help but conclude that her most impressive accomplishment in my mind is how she treats people…especially strangers.

There is no doubt that the girls who play for her and her fellow coaches are very fortunate. However, one doesn’t need to be a D-1 Basketball coach to make a difference. It all starts with one act of kindness fueled by the Gospel of Jesus.

If you would like more encouragement about making a difference fueled by the Gospel of Jesus, I hope you can attend the service at 10:45am tomorrow at New Life CityChurch. One of our elders, Mike Chirveno will bring the sermon from Romans 13:8-10. I am confident there will be much to learn about the Gospel and the impact it can make in everyday situations…even in airports.