Last Saturday evening, our oldest daughters soccer team enjoyed an awesome come from behind win. They were playing hard and in my unbiased opinion, better than their opponent, but were losing 2-1 with only minutes to play in the second half.

To add to the drama, one player on the other team had already earned a yellow card for her unruly play. The parents from the opposing team were pretty obnoxious (unlike our parents of course who are always calm and kind :)). In addition, one of the opposing players was getting pretty mouthy with the referee and even some of our parents.

As time expired, tensions grew.

I could tell everyone, including me, really wanted this win. So, when we scored the tying goal our sideline erupted in cheers.

For the next few minutes, the momentum went back and forth…and then it happened, like it was out of a movie script, a slim opening in the box, a shot and a goooooaaaaaaal!

I came out of my seat like a rocket…one parent even fell backwards to the grass.

It was pandemonium….high fives…hugs…congratulations….and a few glances toward the opposing parents (still working on my sanctification). In less than a minute the final whistle blew and the game was over.

We won!

Winning has been hard wired into our American culture. Whether it is our favorite sports team, a business deal or a political race, winning can be pursued at nearly any cost.

So, how should Christians approach the political competition that will unravel over the next few weeks? Do we pick a candidate and seek to win at all costs…mowing over anyone or anything that may come into our path?

This Sunday, we will study what the Apostle Paul has to say about governing authorities which includes politicians, police officers and even referees…we will study from Romans 13:1-7. I hope you take some time to read these verses and then join the New Life CityChurch family for a study about our Christian responsibilities in our relationships with government authorities.