When the Church Goes Flat

A few weeks ago, I was having one of those days where most things were taking longer than expected and it seemed like anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

At the end of the day, I headed out the door…with only a few minutes to spare to get home to eat with the family and head off to soccer practice.

I jumped in my car, turned it on, put it in gear and quickly noticed that something wasn’t right…I had a flat tire…not a low tire…a.completely.flat.tire.

I pulled in the alley behind the church building and proceeded to work on replacing the flat tire with my spare. No surprise there was one lug nut that I couldn’t get to budge….after a few minutes it was obvious that I would not be able to change the flat tire.

My mind began racing for possible solutions….and then I remembered that on a shelf in the garage, I had a can of “Fix-A-Flat.” I called Leigh-Ann and she was on it…she found the magic formula and sped over to me in the alley. After only a few minutes of waiting, I hooked up the fix a flat…and was totally disappointed…while it didn’t inflate the tire, it did leak incredibly sticky foam all over the tire, alley, tools and my hands.

Now I was starting to get desperate….I remembered we had a small compressor in the van, so I grabbed it, hooked it up and very slowly the tire began to inflate….when it got close to 20 PSI, I could feel the leak and realized it wouldn’t hold much more…and that is when I decided to make a run for it…before it totally deflated again. I may have run a yellowish-pink light….but I made it into the garage just as the tire was almost flat again :).

After practice, I was able to use better tools, remove the lug nuts and flat tire…locate the hole (likely from a large nail or screw)…plug the hole…inflate the tire and put it back on the car…and the best news, it didn’t cost me a dime.


During that little trial, I realized that I had underestimated the value of my tires. Without four properly inflated tires, there is no transportation.

Well, tires are not the only thing we tend to underestimate. It is possible for us to underestimate the value of the church. In 1 Peter 2:4-10, the Apostle Peter teaches about the people of Jesus…often called the church. He makes the point that the people of Jesus are to transport the goodness of God. Unfortunately, when I look at our fallen world, it appears that the church has some flat tires.

This Sunday will be the final sermon in the series of “Little Foxes that Spoil the Vineyard.” Peter compares the church to a building and calls Jesus the “Chief Cornerstone” and His people “living stones” who are chosen, royal and set apart so that they can show others the goodness of God.