Honey Do

On Wednesday I received an email with the subject line: read whole thing and reply plz 😀.

It was from Leigh-Ann…

So I gingerly moved my mouse over to the email and clicked it open…

It began…

Projects before Christmas:

Fix kids’ bathroom. I want to fix the holes. Fix the sinks. Repaint. Move their towel holders on their wall and repaint.



…………. you get the point…

Projects for next year:

Repaint main level

Touch up cabinets

Do something about the entertainment center- maybe put these in?

I must be honest…

I still haven’t replied…but when she asked me Wednesday night if I had received her email, I admitted that I had and then was successfully able to change the subject… :).

The honey do list has been an ongoing topic of discussion in our household for the past seventeen years. And to be quite truthful…I do my best to avoid it.

My standard and Leigh-Ann’s standard for our home are different…I have an ability to ignore projects…for a long time.

And then my attempts to ignore reality are shaken up by an email on a Wednesday afternoon and I know my ignorance is no longer bliss.

For some people, avoiding reality has become a specialty…a self-destructive specialty. And for this reason, it is the topic for the third week of our sermon series on “Little Foxes that Spoil the Vine.”

This week we are going to drive way back into the Old Testament and learn from the lives of Eli, Hophni and Phineas. If you would like to prepare in advance for the sermon, you may want to read 1 Samuel 1-4…don’t worry, we won’t have any tests.

And for those of you who have been avoiding church…this will be a great week to come back. I promise you, grace flows deeper than you could ever fall.