Sewer Pipes

Earlier today I received a phone call and text message from a neighbor informing me that someone was loading very large sewer pipes on to the retaining wall in our back yard.

It was a surprise to me…so when my schedule cleared, I ran home to check it out.

What I quickly realized was that the retaining wall was never intended to carry that heavy of a load. The retaining wall is built to hold up the dirt behind it, but when thousands of pounds are added it creates a dangerous situation.

More calls from more neighbors worried about a potential tragedy encouraged me to insist on making sure those heavy structures are removed.

The problem is not with the weight of the sewer pipes. I’m sure they must be heavy and large to function appropriately. The problem is also not with the retaining wall. It has faithfully held up its end of the deal.

The problem occurred when the retaining wall was expected to hold up the heavy sewer pipe.

This Sunday we are not going to be learning about sewer pipes…we will however be reminded that as humans we do not have the capacity to fulfill certain moral expectations in our own strength. Much like the retaining wall, we will wear down, grow weary and eventually collapse underneath the load. When that happens we may easily conclude that we are a failure and lose hope.

The point of the sermon on Sunday from Romans 12:11-13 is that we are expected to fulfill certain moral expectations, but only after we are being transformed by the mercies of God.

We must start with the mercies of God as our foundation and then we will have the spiritual strength to gladly fulfill the moral expectations so clearly outlined by Paul in the book of Romans.

If you have been feeling like you are ready to buckle under the heavy weight of expectations, you may need a fresh reminder that Jesus came to carry your burden and will most certainly lighten your load. Now if only He could do something with retaining walls…. :).