50 Years…

This weekend we are in Minnesota to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Staying married for 50 years is no small task. In fact, it borders on a modern day miracle :).

In any relationship, there will be struggle and pain, but to make it 50 years there must be a lot of love.


As the third of their four children, I have observed much love, even when we didn’t have a lot of material things. Some of my fondest memories are times spent working together. When I was young, I remember complaining quite often about having to work in the garden…but guess who has a garden now? 🙂 I remember shoveling snow and cutting wood, mowing lawns and delivering papers, building a go-cart and fixing bikes – not to mention snapping beans while listening to the Twins game on the radio.

It wasn’t all work, though! We played any and every sport in the back yard, built large snow forts and even would sled right off the roof of the garage. One winter we even flooded the back yard to make an ice rink!
Whether we worked or played together, there was at least one constant and that was our love.

This love was modeled by mom and dad who in spite of good times and bad, had a deep commitment to loving each other.

This is not to say there were never disagreements or stubborn moments, but now we all can laugh at the “annoying” things they do to get under each others skin (intentionally or not). I watched mom and dad apologize on a regular basis…which is good, because I’ve also needed to learn that skill.

A love that is gritty enough to thrive through 50 years of marriage is love that only God can demonstrate. I am convinced that the reason my parents have lasted 50 years with each other is because they have personally experienced perfect love from God.

With this in mind, this Sunday at New Life CityChurch, we are going to dig into that love from God.

One of our elders, James Cottier will be sharing a sermon from Romans 12:9-10 where Paul says,

“Love one another with brotherly affection.” I look forward to hearing more about genuine love from the perspective of the Apostle Paul. I hope you can join us for service at 10:45am on Sunday.