Our Story About God

Raising kids is simply an underestimated responsibility.


Whether you are a parent, teacher, kid volunteer, coach or any person who invests into the life of kids…what you do is simply underestimated.

How so?

Let’s take on conflict resolution for starters.

When two kids get into an argument….fight…scuffle…whatever you want to call it….there is always a story.

That story has several components…such as characters, setting, motive and conflict…as a “kid raiser” you regularly are given the responsibility to resolve the conflict and finish out the story…so we all live happily ever after.

Problem…the facts you are given don’t always provide a clear perspective of what actually happened.

For instance, last night we were settled in as a family along with a few friends to watch Zootopia (which is such a great movie :)). After a while, one of our kids complained that our youngest made an attempt to push him off of the chair they were sharing.

Well, this is not my first rodeo as a parent…so I was pretty confident that there was more to the story. Sure enough…one kid had entered into the personal space of the other and so he got shoved.

Now they were both wrong…and my assessment of the situation was influenced by the fact that they are each selfish and tend to bother the other.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great kids….and a ton of fun…however they have a tendency to be a bit ornery at times. The point is that their character and prior actions influenced the story I told myself about them.

In a similar fashion…when it comes to God…His character and actions should influence the story we tell ourselves about Him. When our God-story is influenced by truth about His character and actions, we will be moved to worship. However if our God-story is filtered through our own feelings and emotions, we may go so far as to question or even reject Him.

This Sunday, I am super excited to share a message from Romans 11:33-36 on the truth about God. When I see God through His character and prior actions, I will be moved to worship Him. Which is different than when I see my kids through their character and prior actions and am moved to correct them.