Grace Flows Down…

Last night, a friend and I took five kids ages 7 and under to the Royals game. We ENJOYED complimentary tickets for the game and concessions. And…the #KCROYALS won when Salvy hit a walk off double.

The kids were pretty well behaved…but if you can imagine walking with five kids, two adults and probably thirty thousand other fans…there were a few moments when we had to pause to take a head count.

We were able to sit up high enough so could see everything really well…things on the field were small…but we could see for a long distance….and to be very optimistic, we actually had really good cell phone reception :).

We commented on more than one occasion, that since we spent the night hauling five kids around, climbing the stairs and dealing with the heat, we deserved the win….and we got it.

Yeah, baby!

Just before the bottom of the eighth inning we had a spill in row NN…valuable ice and Sierra Mist flowing freely on the concrete…getting soaked up by peanut shells, cracker pieces and hot dog buns…

One thing in particular that became obvious is that the Sierra Mist along with the help of gravity created a sort of river up in the bleachers..liquid always flows down.

Interestingly enough, liquid is not the only substance that always flows down.

Grace always flows down as well.

Think about that for a minute…grace flows down and pools at the bottom.

So…if you are in need of Sierra Mist…I suggest a new cup…but if you are in need of grace, you may start by looking where it pools.