The Truth About Abandonment

A few days ago, our family was able to watch a production of Moses at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson. Our kids were spell bound watching this most incredible story from the Bible come to life.

During the production, I was struck by God’s faithfulness…

God preserved Moses and allowed him to be raised in Pharaoh’s household
God empowered Moses at just the right times
God spoke to Moses on multiple occasions
God used Moses to rescue His people out of Egypt

I could go on…however along with the incredible miracles and power that God displayed throughout the life of Moses, there were also many low points…

Moses walked away from the palace to his own people who were mere slaves
Moses killed a guy
Moses fled to the wilderness and became a shepherd….a far cry from Pharaoh’s payroll
Moses was doubted by the Egyptians and the Israelites
Moses never was able to enter the Promised Land

It is almost as if we can look at the life of Moses through two different windows…the window of success and the window of failure.

While looking through the window of success, we clearly see God at work. His power is on display so that it is easy to believe.

However, while looking through the window of failure, it seems that God is nowhere to be found and Moses is all alone. His life looks miserable and it appears that God has abandoned him.

This Sunday, we are studying the truth about abandonment from Romans 11:1-10. You know, those times in our lives when it feels like God is nowhere to be found and you and I are on our own. When the future looks hopeless and the present is very painful.

We wonder (sometimes to ourselves and sometimes to anyone listening) whether God has abandoned us…

…if you have been in a situation where you feel abandoned….or if you are in that situation now…I really hope you can attend the service on Sunday at 10:45am.

If you need directions or are just curious about New Life CityChurch, you can find more info on our website. You can be sure that even though your present circumstances may feel like God has abandoned you…He hasn’t :).