Our family loves to record at least one show per week to watch together…and this time of year, that show is “America’s Got Talent.”

There is something especially heartwarming about watching an individual lay their talent out before four judges and thousands of people in the live audience and millions of people watching on television.

One part of the show that we love is when they share some context from the life of the performer. Something very significant happens when an individual is vulnerable and then welcomes us into that space.

Last night we watched an incredible performance of a sixteen year old girl.

She could sing the lights out…but when we heard her story as a cancer survivor it seemed like we knew her. We saw pictures of her in a hospital bed while taking treatments for stage 3 cancer.

It certainly is an incredible story (WATCH HERE)…and she had so much talent that Simon Cowell hit the golden buzzer automatically advancing her to the live rounds.

After we turned off the show, we discussed how much of a difference one year can make. We observed that one year ago she was a healthy fifteen year old…and then was diagnosed with cancer…and then became a survivor…and then went on AGT…and then got the golden buzzer.

Her story is still being written…it’s hard not to cheer for her to win the entire contest…and to succeed greatly in life. And a big part of our desire for her to succeed is that she was willing to share her story…to open up her life.

Imagine if she had chosen not to be vulnerable…

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be sharing a sermon from Matthew 26:36-46 about opening up our hearts with others so that we can lock arms in deep friendships.

If repairing or building friendships has been on your to-do list this summer, then you will certainly want to attend. In the meantime, if you have a few minutes to spare, you should watch the link above.