Learning Contentment from Jalapenos

I have a love-hate relationship with peppers.

While growing up, my dad (Happy Fathers Day on Sunday :)) always had a large garden. And I distinctly remember my first attempt at Jalapeño peppers.

We were sitting around the kitchen table in St. Cloud, Minnesota eating dinner. The challenge to eat a Jalapeño was raised…and since I have never been one to back down from a dare…I took a bite.

Call me weak, but my mouth felt like it was on fire.

So I started drinking water to put out the fire…not cool (see what I did there :)).

It just got worse…and worse…the more water I drank, the worse the burn.

So I decided to break up with peppers altogether. For years, I quenched my desire for peppers…especially Jalapeño’s.

Then several years ago, I was introduced to the “banana pepper” for sandwiches.

Love them!

Here is the tie in….when it comes to desire, some people think more stuff makes you more content. Often getting more stuff is like drinking water after a hot Jalapeño…it just makes it worse.

Other people have observed this truth and have concluded that if you can rid yourself of desire…you will be content. And that may work for a while, but desire is a part of our God-given person.

So what’s the banana pepper for life?

Well, you really should come to New Life on Sunday, we’ll be studying from Philippians 4:10-13…but in case you cannot attend, I will say that your personal contentment is not dependent on more stuff or the elimination of stuff…your contentment is dependent on Jesus.

Sound simple? It is…