Hope … and tryouts

Our family has survived soccer tryouts. This is no small feat. Hundreds of athletes ascend on multiple soccer fields. It’s hot…stressful…uncertain… and tiring.


To pursue an opportunity to play with a competitive soccer team.

Every athlete registered for tryouts carries with them a sense of hope.

Hope that they will make the roster of a team…hope that they will play well and impress the coaches…hope that others will see their value. Throughout the course of the week some experienced hope fulfilled…while others were disappointed…nearly everyone at tryouts experiences hope deferred…waiting on pins and needles for a call from the coach.

Hope is a necessary ingredient to a happy life. The absence of hope is path towards discouragement, depression and even death.

So how can we find hope…especially when life seems brutal?

This Sunday, New Life CityChurch is hosting a different type of service at 10:45am. Pastor Dave Robinson and multiple others will be leading a coffee shop experience called, “Story of the Soul.”

Story of the soul is an interactive, coffeehouse experience. Using art, film, music, poetry and other media, we explore the stories the soul of mankind is and has always been telling. This Sunday, we will explore the soul’s longing for hope.

So whether it’s a soccer tryout…a major decision….a tragedy…or a mundane trial of life…if you need a healthy dose of hope, you should come…and bring a friend.