“Dad can I eat one?”

This morning, two of my boys and me were in the yard looking at the apple trees that we planted a few years ago. They are loaded with fruit, but it’s still not ripe.

I can remember when I was their age growing up in a house with multiple different fruit trees and one of the toughest parts of having fruit trees is waiting for the fruit to ripen.

So I understand their pain…but I know that if they eat the fruit now it will be sour and bitter. It’s not at all what they expect.

So as you can imagine, I said “no.”

I’ve been thinking about our apples…they are a product of the tree. In fact when you go to the grocery store they are in the produce section. And to take this a step farther, the apple is an extension of the nutrients of the tree…not the other way around.

The tree does not depend on the apple…the apple depends on the tree and it takes time to grow.

This is also true in our spiritual growth. This Sunday we are going to study from Micah 6:6-8 about the fact that God does not need our help, but He requires our heart. Israel had gotten turned around…their fleshly desires had overgrown their hearts and their actions revealed envy, deceit and covetousness. They were far from ripe in spiritual terms.

They began to think that they were ready to be independent of God and furthermore thought that God only wanted them for what they could give to God.

They were so wrong…so God had to tell them He wanted their hearts close for their own good and His glory.