Posts from June 2016


Our family loves to record at least one show per week to watch together…and this time of year, that show is “America’s Got Talent.” There is something especially heartwarming about watching an individual lay their talent out before four judges and thousands of people in the live audience and millions of people watching on television. […]

Hope … and tryouts

Our family has survived soccer tryouts. This is no small feat. Hundreds of athletes ascend on multiple soccer fields. It’s hot…stressful…uncertain… and tiring. Why? To pursue an opportunity to play with a competitive soccer team. Every athlete registered for tryouts carries with them a sense of hope. Hope that they will make the roster of […]


“Dad can I eat one?” This morning, two of my boys and me were in the yard looking at the apple trees that we planted a few years ago. They are loaded with fruit, but it’s still not ripe. I can remember when I was their age growing up in a house with multiple different […]