When Helping Hurts

As a family, we work well together as a team…and typically we are able to help each other.

However….there are times when our attempts to help actually hurt the cause…such as:

  • The time our youngest attempted to help mom by handing her the eggs (see attached pic).
  • Or when he decided to get his own breakfast….on the floor (see attached pic).
  • Or when the kids try to help with the other kids…(see attached…no that is not an alien…its Dallas :)).
  • There was also the time when we were newlyweds that Leigh-Ann agreed to help me trim up the edges of my hair…um, yeah…that was the last time she has tried to help me with my hair :)…
  • Earlier this week, the boys were trying to help me put some tables away…in reality they were hanging on the end of the table making it much more difficult to maneuver.

On a serious note, there have been times when we have attempted to help our kids by giving them a shortcut out of a situation or problem…and we have bypassed a learning opportunity.

On a much larger scale, there are world sized problems such as poverty or violence or poor education…and for centuries people have been trying to help.

But what happens when helping hurts?

What does it look like for followers of Christ to do more harm than good?

This Sunday at New Life CityChurch we will explore concepts from a book by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, entitled, “When Helping Hurts” and we will also look at a real world example of Christians who learned how to truly help without hurting from 1 Peter 3:8-12.

Broken eggs, botched haircuts and banged up tables are simply the cost of doing business as a family…but damaged lives can have eternal consequences. I am confident we each have more to learn when it comes to helping without hurting.