Different Wavelengths

This past week my son asked his sister if the treat he was holding was a “chocolaticle or a fudgesicle.” It was an honest question…and not hard to understand his thought process. Dallas loves chocolate and he loves popsicles so it would seem to make sense that the name of that icy chocolate treat would be the combination of the two words.

Living in a household of seven provides many opportunities to wonder how a certain person arrives at a certain conclusion.

Sometimes the words are just lengthened…like when our daughter used to call it the “refrigera-der-der-der-der.”

There are other times when they take parts of two conversations, put them together and end up with something…well…embarrassing to say the least. Like the time when one of our sons yelled out, “I’m a pervert baby” and it left Leigh-Ann and I both speechless….which is pretty significant.

There are other times when kids simply state the obvious. Like the time when our daughter called her uncle from across the table and he asked, “who is this?” To which she quickly replied, “I’m Sophia Campbell, don’t ya know?”

Kids may say just about anything…and trust me there have been many times their parents embarrassment hasn’t been a factor in their thinking process.

Beyond our kids, we live in a world that is packed with people who think and talk on different wavelengths.

Is it possible to engage in thoughtful conversation with someone who thinks and talks way different than you or I?