Old Furniture and Relationships

Leigh-Ann and I were married on August 7, 1999. Following our honeymoon, we drove back to Kansas City from the East Coast. We had just purchased a house and needed quite a bit of furniture to make it appear inhabited :).

Shortly after we arrived, we heard about an older couple that was getting a divorce and selling their furniture. We found a truck and a trailer and drove over to their house.

It was kind of weird since we were newlyweds and were headed over to the home of a couple that had raised their family and now getting close to retirement and were divorcing.

And then it began…

They showed us a couch and a table and some chairs and bedroom set and some outdoor furniture…we took it all.

Then the husband offered us a painting that his soon to be ex-wife obviously liked more than he did…

Pretty soon it turned into…”fine, you can have….” and “well, if you’re going to give them …., then give them ….”

When the dust settled, we had acquired nearly enough to furnish the entire house.

As we drove away in a rusty borrowed truck and trailer filled with a lifetime of stuff accumulated during a failed marriage, we talked about how we would work hard so that never happens to us.

What keeps a relationship healthy enough to survive the uncertainties of life?

There is only one answer: the Gospel.

This Sunday we are going to study from John 3 & 4 about building Gospel Centered Relationships.

Jesus has so much to teach us about relating to the wealthy and educated and also relating to the immoral and outcast. I would guess that most of your relationships are somewhere in between…and Jesus can handle those as well.

Although the only purchase from that day that has survived seventeen years and five kids is a beautiful painting…the most valuable part of the day was a lesson in relationships.