Lessons from a Leaf Blower

This past Monday I purchased the final piece of my “make our yard look amazing” portfolio. Call me crazy, but I enjoy mowing my lawn.

Notice I said my lawn…NOT YOUR LAWN…so don’t get any ideas 🙂 🙂 :).

There is something incredibly fulfilling for me to cut and trim the grass and then sit on the front porch and “drink it in.”

For several years I have been working to get the yard almost perfect…in my opinion at least :)…but I have been coming up just short.
I have been pretty consistent with weed control and fertilizer
I have a good lawnmower
I have a good weed eater
I was lacking a good leaf blower…until Monday…
Can you say, “game changer?”

I found a great gas powered leaf blower on Craigslist and I couldn’t wait to get home and use it. There is something particularly amazing about having the right power tool…and this leaf blower did not disappoint.

Before, when I used my electric leaf blower, I couldn’t quite reach all the areas that needed to be cleaned up…so I settled for mediocrity.

But now…I can go anywhere with my gas powered leaf blower.

My “make our yard look amazing” portfolio is now complete.

This Sunday we are not going to look at our “lawn portfolio” but we are going to study our “life portfolio.” Jeremiah 29 gives us access to eavesdrop into a letter that Jeremiah wrote to the exiles in Babylon. He tells the Jews to pursue the ‘shalom’ (completeness, wholeness, peace) of Babylon.

Although we are now living 2,500 years after this letter was written, I know that many people in our city and even our church are still missing “shalom” in their life portfolio. I look forward to more on that topic on Sunday…in the meantime, if you see a beautiful lawn, maybe take a moment to admire the beauty :).