Planting Seeds

This past Monday, Leigh-Ann and I decided that it was time to plant some flowers in the window wells of our house. Nearly six years ago, we built the window wells larger than necessary so that we could get more light into the basement and plant flowers.

We envisioned beautiful flowers cascading down the railroad tie bordered window wells. And for nearly six years we have only had the vision…there has been nothing growing in those tiered gardens except for a random weed here and there.

Until Monday….when six years of vision became a reality.

Leigh-Ann and I are the type of people that when we have a little space and a good idea…we go for it.

Monday was our day.

We picked up some free pallets…tore them apart…screwed them into planters…painted them…installed the pallet-planters…dumped in some dirt…poured on some topsoil…planted some flowers…watered them…put everything away…and collapsed on the couch.

Flowers planted…Vision fulfilled…Mission accomplished!

Something very amazing happens when a seed is planted. Under the right soil conditions, the seed which contains a seed leaf, stem and a root can begin to grow.

So far our flowers (which by the way were already growing) are surviving quite nicely.