Grace Wins

We just returned from a much needed week of vacation. Huge ocean waves…sandy beaches that were almost deserted…no schedule…and plenty of time with the family.

It was just what the doctor ordered.

One evening we decided to use a gift card and eat at Outback Steakhouse. Yes, we had a bloomin onion…and then set out to make the right order.

When you have five kids, eating at Outback is not something we do every week.

So heading in, we each wanted to make it count. The kids decided pretty quickly and then Leigh-Ann and I each settled on our order.

Leigh-Ann ordered the hand carved sirloin and I ordered the Pork Steak.

One of our meals was as close to perfection as you could imagine…the other meal was…well lets just say it was not even close to perfection.

If you guessed the Carved Sirloin as the winner…guess again.

The Pork Steak that I ordered was….A-MAZING!!!

Unfortunately, Leigh-Ann had to suffer through her order…and yes I offered her some of mine :).

The point is that it feels great to make a good choice…especially since Leigh-Ann typically makes the best choice.

This Sunday, I am planning to share a sermon from Romans 10:16-21 entitled, “Grace Wins.” In short, there were many people in the first century who chose not to accept the Gospel…which has far greater consequences than choosing the wrong dinner entree.

Those like the Apostle Paul who chose the Gospel over their own performance…had it even better than I did while savoring the Pork Steak.

There is so much more to discuss when it comes to choosing the Gospel over personal performance…but there is one thing for which you can be certain…Grace Wins.