Small Feet

I tend to walk fast.

I’m not totally certain why it is that I walk fast…maybe it’s because:

…when I walk fast I feel like I’m getting more done
…I tend to be impatient and would rather get there
…I learned it from my dad

Even though my dad is much shorter than I am, he walks super fast. I remember as a kid from time to time that in an attempt to walk next to my dad, I would end up walking in front of him. He would then have to put on the brakes to keep from walking over me.

As a dad, I am now reaping what I sowed.

I have three boys who like to walk with me, but often end up in front of me. I think there is an invisible magnetic field that pulls little feet right in front of big ones.

So when we’re walking together, if I don’t look down regularly I can almost guarantee that I will run into the little ones…

This Sunday we are going to look at what happens when people only look down in front of them and fail to look ahead.

You see, the Jews were obsessed with the law….and as a result, they missed Jesus. It was like all they could see was the law and in their obsession with it, they missed Jesus, the fulfillment of the law. In Romans 10:1-4 we read that Christ is the end of the law.