The Amazing Race and the Good Shepherd

As a family, one of our favorite television shows is “The Amazing Race.” Typically we set up the DVR to record it and then when we get an evening at home, we gather in the living room and watch it together.

This is “big doings” for the Campbell family…we play out scenario’s and give our opinion on whether or not we could handle a certain challenge.

We also turn in to social critics, often pausing the show to explain why we like or don’t like a particular team. We have observed quite a bit:

  • When a team is “two-faced” they lose popularity with both sides
  • When a team’s focus changes from being their best to defeating a different team, they often lose
  • Internal fighting is lethal
  • Cutting corners usually results in a detour

Beyond the team dynamics, there is the race itself. There are clues that teams follow that end up taking them around the world. Some of the common roadblocks along the way are foreign languages, rough terrain, difficult challenges and of course the unpredictable taxi driver, poor weather and overall fatigue.

While on the Amazing Race the participants are expected to fend for themselves and cannot enlist the services of a guide. The lack of a guide makes for an interesting Reality TV Show, but for a miserable life.

Unfortunately, too many people are attempting to maneuver life and all of its uncertainties without a proper guide. As a result when difficulties such as health concerns or financial issues, relationship problems and questions about meaning or purpose in life come up, many people simply do not have a clue…(see what I did there? :)).

This Sunday, we continue our “I Am” Easter series with a close look at John 10:11-18 where Jesus makes the statement, “I am the Good Shepherd.” Jesus stakes a claim to being the best leader to navigate our unpredictable life. I look forward to sharing why Jesus is the greatest guide for life.