New Wallet

This year, the kids pooled their money and bought me a new wallet. It is genuine leather and even has three sections for all my cards.

Since I have a new wallet, I also have an old wallet. So last night I realized that Isaiah had some Christmas cash that seemed to be laying all over the house and I offered him my old wallet. You would have thought I gave him a new car. He was beaming.

Dallas already has a wallet, so he is covered in this department.

Ian however seemed to be a bit disappointed that I didn’t have one for him.

He didn’t cry or throw a fit…which is a minor miracle, so I decided to look for one for him as well. I looked high and low and could find anything until I raided the junk drawer. Then I found something that would pass for a wallet for a three year old.

He was so happy he slept with it and when I woke him this morning, the first thing he said was, “where’s my wallet?”

This morning, Leigh-Ann had an appointment so I took the kids to school and then the boys came to church with me for a few minutes until she was done.

Ian put a $20 and a $5 bill in his wallet…the first person he saw, he pulled the $20 out and offered it to him.

He has no clue what a $20 is worth, but I’m pretty sure when he does learn, he won’t be giving it away quite so easily.

He will learn some day that $20 is a currency that represents someone’s hard work and can then be used to purchase something. The harder he has to work for it, the more careful he will be with his expenditures.

This Sunday we are going to be talking about a different type of currency. One that is unlimited…there is more available than we will ever need. Unfortunately though, sometimes we ignore it.

The currency that I am talking about on Sunday is love. This is the third week in our series entitled, “God is…”

When we have trials in life, we need a currency to help us through. We will study from Psalm 107 and see that God is good and overflowing with steadfast love. When that goodness and love is spent on our trials, we will always have enough to make it.