Grace and Generosity

As I sit down to write this introduction for my sermon on Sunday, my mom is getting prepped for an emergency surgery more than 500 miles away. She has high levels of infection and inflammation in her colon.

I have many different emotions: worry and fear are high on the list…they are battling to replace gratitude.

So I am going to share some thoughts about my mom who has provided me so much for which to be thankful. If I were to describe mom, I would say she is gracious and generous.

When God was handing out grace, he gave my mom two scoops.

Some of my earliest memories are getting in trouble (imagine that) and mom loving me and understanding my struggle…there was even an occasion when she spanked the teddy bear and told me to cry :). But grace is so much more than understanding me…my mom woke up early to pray for me, cook for me, prepare me for school and life. During my childhood and into my adulthood, mom has occupied her time serving her family and many, many others.

Mom is also an incredibly generous person.

She would give you the shirt off her back if she knew you needed it. Short of that she has always taken pleasure in giving her time, energy, money and abilities to help anyone. Some of my early memories are waking up on a Saturday morning to find out that mom got up early and did my paper route so I could sleep in. She worked as an RN and truly loved her patients and loved to use any money she earned to help her family and many others. Mom generously provided me with a childhood full of friends, laughter, dreams and activity. We never had much money, but we always had enough to share with others.

The reason that mom is gracious and generous is she has learned it from her Father. Though my grandfather was a great man, our Heavenly Father incomparable. Mom has a deep relationship with God and you can tell…she reflects God’s grace and generosity.