Backyards, Haircuts and Life Transformation

Yesterday, the view out the back windows of our house was radically changed. Up until then, our property backed up to trees, shrubs and plenty of miscellaneous things covered by the shrubs such as concrete, tires, fencing and poison ivy.

Then the earth moving, tree destroying, shrub eating heavy machinery showed up…and the entire landscape was changed.

I am still trying to get used to the new look…it’s kind of like when your wife decides to get her hair cut and she comes home and asks if you notice anything.

“Hey babe, notice anything?”

“Yes, of course.” (Learned this in Basic Training for Husbands)

“How do you like it.”

“It looks great.” (Also learned this in Basic Training for Husbands)

“Come on, I think you’re just saying that…”

“No really, It looks really good.”

That conversation will continue for several days…and then life takes on a new normal.

I think this is how the back yard will play out…for the time being, I am saying, “it looks great…no, no, it looks really good.” And by the end of the week, I will probably believe it.

Transformations don’t just happen in the back yard or in the salon…they also happen in our lives.

This Sunday, I will be sharing a sermon from Romans 8:1-4 about the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

There are times when we look at our old life (which may be characterized by poison ivy and old tires) with regret and kind of miss the comfort of what things used to look like. I look forward to encouraging each of us to recognize the incredible gift we have been given with our new life in Christ and celebrate the transformation.