Conflict at the Tee

If you take a moment to look at the attached picture, you will notice something very small…can you guess what it is?








A golf tee…

It is no ordinary tee, it is the tee that I used this morning. Be jealous!

A friend took me out to the links instead of the coffee shop for some great fellowship.

When we arrived we went to the range and shot some golf balls. Within the first few shots I was feeling my groove and for the rest of the time at the range felt pretty good.

We moved over to the first hole and something changed.

My club was the same.

The ball had the same dimensions…and so did the tee.

Only one thing changed…my drive.

It went about twenty five yards to the left and came to rest in some tall grass.

Every shot I took this morning was a battle. In my mind, I would envision a two hundred and fifty yard drive from the tee box. Or if I was on the fairway (which of course is where we were every time for our follow up shots :)) I would imagine my iron striking the ball in the sweet spot and flying off the club like a missile.

Unfortunately, what I was in my head and what I saw on the course were two totally different things…and I’m going to blame it on the tee.

Not really, I can place all the blame on my own ability to deliver as a golfer. The distance between my desire and my delivery was often hundreds of yards apart.

Our spiritual life is often like my golf game.

In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul writes that the things he wants to do and the things he ends up doing are also far apart. I hope you can attend our service this Sunday at 10:45 for part two of, “The Conflict Within.”

I can assure you that you will relate to the battle that Paul describes and you will be encourage by the hope that he offers.

I can’t promise you any help for your golf game :(,